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At APSYS/DRACAST.ph we believe that anyone should be able to have access to high quality broadcast products at a price they can afford. When you buy from APSYS/DRACAST.ph you buy high-end products built to last and built to give you the best value now and in the long run. DRACAST LED Lights have been used in major TV stations around the world including ABC, CBS, Disney Channel, Yahoo, Twitter and Google all trusting in DRACAST product line. You can also find many videos here comparing our products to other brand names in the lighting industry. Here at APSYS/DRACAST.ph we are informing you of the high-end quality of product line. From our experience with TV, Studios and Photographers the needs are different. We can sell you the standard packages and package kits. Dracast wants to ensure you are getting exactly what you need at our best priceNothing LESS!
We encourage you to call ask questions set up an appointment to see a demo. Then our engineers can make the best decisions for your area use and lighting space. Also see additional products from APSYS at http://www.apsysph.com

Why buy Dracast from APSYS

1. Highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) In the Industry

An LED light must reproduce color as purely as a natural light source does. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a quantitative measure to best describe the quality of light. Lights of superior quality have at least a CRI of 85. Lights of lesser quality will emit tints, which in turn reflect in pictures with unwanted tint.

Dracast lights measure in at 95 or higher out of a 100 scale. Such an excellent CRI mark translates into the most accurate color output for your pictures.

2. Color Temperature Consistency

Any fluctuation in color temperature will cause changes in the hue and/or brightness of the light. For example, an increase in 1000 Kelvins from a 5600K color temperature will cause the light to take on a darker white with the brightness of a grayer shade of white and possibly a slightly bluish tint.

DRACAST lights remain at more or less at 5600K in Daylight setting and 3200K in Tungsten setting. After 8 hours of continuous usage, DRACAST lights experience just a ± 5% fluctuation in color temperature.

3. Brightness

In lighting terms, brightness is determined as the intensity of the light at a given distance.

DRACAST lights produce more than twice the light beam output compared to most of our competitors. The DRACAST LED 1000 measures at 12,000 Lux at a distance of 3 feet in Daylight setting and 7500 Lux at 3 feet under Tungsten setting.

4. Energy and Heat Efficiency

LED lights are ideal for conserving energy and functioning at cooler operating temperatures without having to sacrifice performance. A well-designed power board is essential to ensure that the LED bulbs always perform well while consuming less.

DRACAST lights are built with a uniquely designed power board to achieve high performance at smart consumption. As a result, the LED 1000 panel only gives off 60 watts of energy; the LED 500 panel gives off 30 watts.

Heat dissipation is just as much a consideration as energy efficiency. Some LED’s actually generate more heat than light output, which in turn shortens the lifespan of the LED’s. DRACAST lights are designed with proprietary thermal management technology built in for safe operating temperatures and a prolonged lifespan.

5. Durability

Improved energy and heat efficiency often leads to a longer lasting LED light. DRACAST lights can last between 35,000-50,000 hours in their lifespans for extracting the most value out of your lighting equipment purchases.

6. Quality Control

Consider where your light is being manufactured. Many LED lighting companies buy and sell lights without touching any part of the production process. APSYS can service and support our clients in all phases of Studio lighting and Photography lighting

All DRACAST lights are designed in Silicon Valley before being built in either of DRACAST’s two company-owned manufacturing facilities. Each light undergoes rigorous quality control to make sure each light is only produced to standard.

7. Philippines Distribution, Service and Support team Metro Manila Philippines

APSYS/DRACAST.ph is based in Metro Manila for available distribution and servicing to all TV stations and Photography or videography professionals. Remote outdoors to indoors LED Lighting. Qualified professionals here to assist in your lighting needs. Custom orders are always welcome and more than likely you have need for custom orders not to overspend on anything you do not need.


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