LED Panel Lights Plus Series

The PLUS Series Panels from Dracast are the most refined panel lights from Dracast to date.    The build  and features of the PLUS Series represent the feedback from hundreds of lighting professionals world-wide who have helped to make our best even better.    PLUS Series Panels are available in three sizes:  The LED500, LED1000, and LED2000.

The LED1000 is a 1’x 1’ square panel light that is a familiar and reliable form-factor suitable for a large variety of applications.   The LED500 is a more compact, portable version, and the LED2000 is built for studios and other  settings where very high output is a must.    Like the Pro and Studio Series from Dracast, the PLUS Series is available in three color temperature models:  3200K (Tungsten), 5600K (Daylight), and  3200K – 5600K (Variable CCT).

All three versions deliver  continuous 0 – 100% dimming and excellent color rendition across the color spectrum.    Additionally,  PLUS Series lights can be battery powered for field work but also now include Cat 5 DMX In / Out for remote control applications.    PLUS Series lights incorporate a beautiful new digital display that delivers a readout of the CCT, light output, and DMX address. PLUS Series light are also still some of the most durable LED lights available, being built entirely on an anodized aluminum frame and chassis.