Fresnel LED Lighting



The performance of a high-output tungsten or HMI fresnel comes together with the advantages of LED technology in the Dracast LED FRESNEL Series. The Dracast FRESNEL Series are powerful, DMX-controlled studio fixtures that incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide all the benefits of LED lighting in the classic Fresnel design. This means that our fresnels provides tremendous light output while using very little power and generating next to zero heat. Add to this a completely silent, passive, heat-sink cooling system, and the Dracast FRESNEL series is perfectly suited for any major studio application.

FRESNEL Series LEDs are currently available in five sizes: The Fresnel 200, 500, 700, 1000, and the Fresnel 2000. The Fresnel 1000 has the output of a traditional 1K while only using 100 W. The larger Fresnel 2000 brings all the power of a traditional 2K while using just 200 W. Like other fixtures from Dracast, the FRESNEL Series is available in three color temperature models: 3200K (Tungsten), 5600K (Daylight), and 3200K – 5600K (Variable CCT).

All three versions deliver continuous 0 – 100% dimming and excellent color rendition across the color spectrum with 95 CRI Cree Surface Mount LEDs. Additionally, FRESNEL Series lights can be controlled remotely via 3-pin DMX in/out ports or locally with on-board controls. Each FRESNEL Series light includes4-way barn doors and mounting yoke, making it an all-inclusive fixture. FRESNEL Series lights are also built to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Dracast line, and are built entirely on an aluminum alloy frame and chassis, ensuring that they’re built to last.

Stage Lighting Fresnel


Fresnel Stage Lighting

95 CRI
Color that your camera will love.
All light is not created equal. As LED technology has progressed, the quality of the light
output has greatly improved over the years. Gone are the days of green and pink spikes
in your film making. Dracast lights have a Color Rendering Index of 95, meaning less time
doing color correction, and more time doing what you love.


Fresnel Dracast Fresnel 2000

Unapologetic commitment to quality.
The LED FRESNEL Series is the newest release in the Dracast product line, and it’s arriving with a bang.
The Dracast FRESNEL Series is designed using our MASM (Multi Arrary Surface Mount) LED technology. MASM uses an array of perfectly balanced high-output surface mount LED chips, and fits them into an ultra-focused lens housing. This creates tremendous light output with virtually flawless color consistency. Adding to this a passive heat sink, and the Dracast FRESNEL Series is poised to be a game changer.