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Studio Lighting and On-Camera Lighting with Highest CRI

Apsys is teamed up with Dracast bringing the high quality LED Studio Lighting to the Philippines. Apsys offers the competitive pricing and support with the Dracast product line. Contact Apsys to have a free demo view and test the Dracast product line for yourself. See the unbeatable quality of design.

Dracast Studio Lighting Manila APSYS

DRACAST lighting user friendly, essential to many studios, videographers, photographers and professionals. Standards of lighting quality and durability non can compare. DRACAST does have the Highest CRI. To create the best possible photo or video for you!

LED Studio Lighting 

DRACAST Lights are trusting in many of the top Studios Throughout the world we are now bring them to the Philippines giving everyone an affordable way to get highest quality lighting returning best imagery for video and photography

Production Lighting

DRACAST LED2000 the highest output light we have made for production capabilities. The LED2000 has 2000 LED’s with our high CRI LED lights of a 95 CRI. Color Render Index rating a 0-100 scale. Competitors may have at MAX 85 CRI.

Studio Light Kits

Studio light kits from DRACAST is ideal for traditional, single-subject interview lighting configurations requiring a key light, fill light, and hair light. Any three light kit will give you a great balance of lighting versatility and portability, meaning you’ll be well covered in most on-location or small studio situations.