On Camera LED Lighting

The ON CAMERA Series from Dracast was originally designed with photographers in mind.   With the  current generation of feature-rich DSLR cameras that also shoot beautiful HD video, we set out to  design a professional-grade alternative to traditional strobe lighting for the photography  world.    What  started as a single, plastic fixture has since grown into two robust, aluminum, high-output, camera-mountable lights that are used by amateur photographers and professional DPs alike.   ON CAMERA Series LEDs are  available in two sizes:  the LED160A, and the LED200.

The LED160A is an  aluminum build of our original 5.7” x 3.6”  light.    It’s ultra-compact and portable form-factor make it  suitable for just about  any size camera.    The LED200 is a 7.5” x 4” rectangular camera light designed for  applications when high output is an absolute must.    Like the larger PANEL Series lights from Dracast, the ON CAMERA Series is available in three color  temperature models:  3200K (Tungsten), 5600K (Daylight), and 3200K – 5600K (Variable  CCT).    All three  versions deliver continuous 0 – 100% dimming and excellent color rendition across the color spectrum.    Additionally,  ON CAMERA Series lights can be battery powered by either a Sony or a  Panasonic type battery, making the ON CAMERA series extremely versatile.    ON CAMERA Series light are also some of the most durable LED lights available, being built entirely on an anodized aluminum frame and chassis.


Continuous lighting that goes where you do.
Today’s HDSLR cameras are extremely powerful tools built for both professional photography and videography.  Their versatility demands a lighting solution beyond the limits of traditional strobe lighting technology.  The Dracast On Camera Series is built to provide the compact portability that on-the-go shooters want, while maintaining the 95 CRI quality that professional shooters need.


Adjustable controls at your fingertips.
The perfect shot comes and goes in an instant.  That means that you have to be ready to capture each moment as it’s happening.  With the Dracast On Camera Series, perfect lighting is always right within your reach.  Each On Camera Series light is designed with minimalist simplicity in mind, ensuring your color temperature and dim can be set in time to capture the moment.