Dracast Silver Series LED Light Panel



The Silver Series Panels from Dracast are the slimmest, lightest  Dracast LED panels to date.   We’ve taken the classic panel form factor and tweaked it to bring you an ultra-portable, ultra-versatile light fixture that’s ready to shoot where you do.   

Silver Series Panels are available in three   sizes:    The LED500 Silver,  LED1000 Silver, and LED1500 Silver.    The LED500 is a compact 8″x8″   square  panel light with an super slim profile and portable form-factor that make it perfect for run-and-gun lighting.    The LED1000 Silver  provides a fresh twist on traditional LED panel lighting by incorporating a folding, dual-board LED panel.   The LED1500 Silver takes this even further by adding a third panel to the fixture with two folding points, making these lights the best LED solution for portrait and product photography yet. 

All three versions deliver continuous 0 – 100% dimming and excellent color rendition across the color spectrum.   Additionally,  Silver Series lights can be battery powered for field work and generate little to no heat, making them ideal when portability is a must.    Silver Series light are also still some of  the most durable LED lights available, being built entirely on an anodized aluminum frame and chassis.   They are truly built for  use by lighting professionals who plan to put them to the test again and again.